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A New Icon Set, And A Very Happy Admin

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A New Icon Set, And A Very Happy Admin

Postby Lankin » Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:49 pm

We got a new image set! This won't solve the still confusing redirects nor the lack of a better unified header, but still -- This needed to be done.

Also I needed something intellectually not tasking (like editing 36 tiny images, e.g.) to keep a sane mind while keeping my fingers crossed for ... let's call the ominous person by the inconspicuous nick "Babybunny," just like in the forum.

Apparently it worked! I was already concerned she might go for a melancholic stroll along the river Rhine if she wouldn't get to meet PJ, finally, after a series of unlucky coincidences, missing him across continents.

Concerning a not-so-well-received compliment, maybe, and also in a loose context to the new image-set of the forum: I always thought: What a cheek to pose with that mask for the Carestini CD cover! Surely PJ's face is one of those that needn't be hidden behind a mask.

<3 Lankin
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