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Ranks set -- Should we use Karma too?

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Ranks set -- Should we use Karma too?

Postby Lankin » Wed Jan 04, 2012 2:35 am


I introduced some ranks:
  • Do not feel set back by your current rank, I didn't make all of you forum moderators straight away etc.
    I created a no rights new member account as well, the user name is "Ashley" -- I somehow felt that name was appropriate. Don't promote the guy :P
  • The default admin account to which Babybunny, Birikein and myself have the login to has a blue rank icon atm. For me as a WoW player this is intuitive, as in WoW as well as in other games the admin posts are blue as a rule. Also I find it less offensive than red.
  • As you see on the picture, some ranks are "special ranks," which means, they are set manually. You could also create, e.g., "The Governess" or "Derp of the Day" here. Those ranks can't be achieved by a number of posts.
  • Those ranks have nothing to do with the actual permissions given. They are just a name and a picture. So if anything doesn't work as it should, there is no use fiddling with ranks, but where you should fiddle is users--> permissions.
  • The normal ranks depend on the number of posts of the user. So after a set number of posts someone will move: New Member ---> Member ---> Accomplished Member
  • The names of the ranks can be changed at any time.



I assume you know what a Karma system is, if not, check up here: ... 0&t=559069

Pros and Cons:
  • It provides interaction for the users
  • People are used to liking something on fb, etc., as well
  • It gives the admins a quick overview about which user's opinion is appreciated. You can btw. also disable the function for certain users, e.g., for admins. Being admin is a little like parenting, I just discovered -- It's not a popularity contest :P

  • It makes people biased. I already sense things incoming like "Who gives sh* about your opinion anyhow..."
  • People could post a little nicely and then for fun spoil some user's karma. Well, every system can be exploited.
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