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New Members, please read.

Welcome! - General Information & Forum Rules

Welcome! - General Information & Forum Rules

Postby admin » Sat Aug 25, 2012 10:48 pm

An important notice beforehand

This is a project for fans, run by fans. We do not claim to know Mr. Jaroussky in person, and we cannot promise he will be looking at this page, even less, regularly.

This site is of course completely non-profit.

Have you come to the right place?

If you feel yourself opposed to any of the following, frankly, you won't have fun here:

  • This is a fan forum. You should generally appreciate what PJ does.
  • Music makes life worthwile.
  • We like to discuss a variety of things, and this includes adult themes. This is not necessarily limited to topics with sexual content. We think that among adults no subject should be excluded on principle.
  • If there was only one opinion, where would be the point in any discussion? We are interested in personal views.
  • We support equal rights regardless of gender, and sexual orientation.
  • Some of us prefer men, some prefer women. We all differ, and we think that's a great thing.
  • We won't make speculations or even gather evidence about PJ's private habits. It is important to keep in mind that whatever racy thoughts we might have, they tell more about us by far than they do about him.

Things that matter to us

We all appreciate a friendly environment. To sustain this, however, we have certain principles:

  • We will not tolerate prejudice, gender bias and homophobia, even less hypocrisy. Now this is where we in turn get intolerant.
  • What is posted in the "non-public" section should stay non-public. Forum permissions are given for a reason. Respect others' privacy.


The main language of this board is English. However, if you are more comfortable in a different language, don't let this deter you from posting. Our admins are fluent in the following languages:

Biri: English, Italian, Spanish, Catalán
Lankin: German, English
Bunny: French, Chinese, English, and all the language skills the Bunny is hiding from us

Still, try to use the forum language if it is possible, or try a translation. Language should connect people, not separate them, and English seems to be the best common ground.

Forum visibility

Most topics are excluded from public view, and will only be visible to registered members. If you are unsure which ones those are, log out and check, clicking the board index.
We can of course change the visibility of threads any time, or move them. If you feel this is neccessary, drop us a message.

We have three general settings of forum privacy. These are:

  • Public
  • Registered Members Only
  • Admin section - hidden


As a guest, and when you join as a new member, you will see the "Public" section. Everyone can look at this forum, so keep in mind that there might be minors reading along as well, and keep it modest. The public content is crawlable by bots, which means, it will appear on Google. It takes a while before those traces are estinguished, so, give it a thought before you post there.

Registered Members Only

When you joined and we either know you in person or can otherwise confirm your age, you will be approved to the non-public section as well. This section is not crawled by bots, and so doesn't appear in search engines.


Posts from here usually don't appear in any listings.The admins of this forum are people who have known each other for some time. So, don't think of us as an entourage of people who want to feel special, but rather as a bunch of friends who like to hang out together. There are some things as well that only concern us, as bugfixes, security measures and other geek-talk. So you may be not allowed there, but don't feel excluded.

We would like to get to know you!

Please take the time to introduce yourself:

This is not a job interview, and we don't need solid facts there like gender and age. 18+ would be worth mentioning, though, as otherwise we can't give you extended permissions.

So, what is there left to say?
Have fun!
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