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Responsive layout for the "" page

Postby Lankin » Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:30 am

I want to have a responsive layout for the WordPress page, which means, it will automatically rescale and rearrange when viewed on iPad or Mobile.

What this exactly means, you can see on this page, e.g., which is a demo for a paid theme:

Try resizing the browser window, and you'll see what it does.

I am tempted to use this one, AR2.

At the moment, I use Arras, which is fine as well, but it isn't responsive, so I have to set up different plugins for mobile as well as for iPad to cover different user agents. And frankly - those plugins all s*ck on various levels, even if WPTouch for phone is somewhat agreeable.

What I like about the themes from the guys who made Arras is that I don't need about 5 plugins for the framework to run, such as Rockbox, etc, which never work exactly like they should.

Whoever stumbles over a nice, responsive theme on Themeforest or similar sites, paid or free, just drop me a note. Ty in advance ;)
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