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Who's afraid of WordPress?

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Who's afraid of WordPress?

Postby Lankin » Mon Mar 19, 2012 3:49 pm

For various reasons, I decided to make a blog, as a kind of front page, and a separate forum.

For different forum software, give the admin section a look, there's a poll ;)

But to the point: What really bugs me is that, as it is, the blog page and the forum have little to do with each other. It's mostly me posting over there, and this doesn't render a correct picture.

I could go on whining now that every post of mine enhances a little more that I would be hosting this out of self-flattery, but instead of whining, some Suggestions instead:

  • Bunny already mentioned we could post the start of new threads on the main page. I think that's a great idea. Let's do that!
  • The other thing is: What I find most enjoyable and is at least one of the reasons why I am blogging is that a post starts discussions. I will leave the comment threads open on the WordPress site anyhow, but I would also love it if we could discuss a subject here as well.

Some people seem quite reluctant to comment on the blog site, and I can perfectly understand that. However, I also understand if someone doesn’t want to join the forum, and still want to have their say.

So, whenever you feel reluctant again to create a blog note for the front page -- don’t think of it as a complete treatment of a subject, think of it as the start of a forum thread.

*Note to self: I should keep it short at times, and also be a little less paranoid about what I post.*

If you never published on WordPress before, me, Biri or Bunny can give you a hand, of course, and also basically prepare the post for you, so you just need to hit “publish.” ;)
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